Smart Drive Test - Dr. Rick August

Smart Drive Test's Cybersalt Client PortfolioCybersalt has been working with Dr. Rick August since the fall of 2011. Initially, our role was one of support as Rick developed a website with practice questions for those wanting to earn a driver's license. However, it soon became apparent that Rick's many years of vast experience as a driver and driver trainer were a solid foundation for much more.

Out of the brainstorming, discussion and coaching that followed, Smart Drive Test was begun in January of 2012 with the view of not only developing a website that assisted student drivers in preparing for their written test, but also a YouTube channel that taught them how to learn to drive and be Smart Drivers.

Now, Smart Drive Test has over 20,000 monthly pageviews on its site and over 30,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel. To date, that YouTube Channel has received over 4.25 million views which represent just under 23.5 million watch time minutes - that's over 44.5 years of video watched! 

Recently, Rick's online platform attracted the attention of professionals seeking expert crash analysis and testimony for their clients and now Smart Drive Test has become his full-time job.  We've been thrilled to be on this ride with Smart Drive Test from before its beginning and we're excited to journey into the future to discover what is next!

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