helpdesk social media all iconsIn order to better serve you, and receive and respond to your inquiries and support requests in the organized and timely manner they deserve, Cybersalt has opened a help-desk. We have switched to this tool because too many support requests were falling between the cracks as they landed in a jumble through FaceBook Messenger, email, sms texts via phone, Skype and other ways.

Using our help-desk is very easy; simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you'll know your message is getting before our eyes in a priority manner and will remain a priority in our managed workflow.

Communicating back and forth via the help-desk is also very simple. When we respond to a support email you have sent, you can reply to that by email too. Just make sure your reply is above the special code line at the top of the email - don't worry, that line is very easy to see in any message you receive from us.

The first time you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you will receive a notice than an account has been created on the site. This notice will include a username and password, but you do not need this username or password to email directly for support.

There is one small drawback to the use of this helpdesk. People copied, or "cc'd", on emails to support will not receive the replies the help-desk send. Only the person sending the support request will receive help-desk replies. It is up to the support initiator to keep others up to date on the progress and outcome of each request as per the requirements of their business or organization.

If you prefer or require email support in a team environment, we are happy to set up a monthly consulting package to meet your needs.




video tutorial creationNothing trains and educates your staff or customers to use your software more effectively than video tutorials. Here are 3 options to make this happen for your business or organization.

I Narrate

Beginning with a finished script (which you supply because you know your product best) I will supply you with a recorded narration which you can then play in a screen captured video which you make yourself.

Cost: $18 per finished minute based on 150 words per minute ($.12 per word)

I Narrate and Capture

I will make a narrated, screen captured video based on your finished script and according to the finish details (zooming screens at key points, annotations, etc.)

Cost: $50 per finished minute

I Narrate and Capture and Develop your Script

This is the most complex and therefore expensive option. To develop a script for a screen captured tutorial of your product I must first learn to use it, break that learning down into key teaching points and collaborate with you until there is an approved final version.

Cost: $50 per finished minute plus $90.00 per hour used collaborating with you and writing the script.

Extras To Consider

We are happy to quote individually on:

  • Stingers (opening and closing music)
  • Animated Title Openings
  • Post Video Credit Rolls

Please contact me for examples and let's talk about your project!

help buttonHave you ever wished the tech support person you are talking to on your phone could just come to where you are and show you how to fix or resolve your issue? We can offer you the next best thing through our Remote Access Support and Computer Maintenance service.

By having you download a small program, running it and then giving us the secure 9-digit number that appears on your screen we can watch your screen on our screen. No more having to try to describe what is going on or having to try to understand what we instruct you to do. Show us or watch us show you on your screen!

consultant definition

key in lockWhether you are seeking to start your internet endeavour on the right foot, need some help along the way, or you are trying to recover from a stumble after someone steered you wrong, Cybersalt is here to help.

When you hire Cybersalt you can rest assured that we will provide the expert advice you need, even if that advice means finding someone who can do a better job in a particular area - and we'll help you find that someone too!

You can't afford to get this wrong - or keep getting it wrong. Contact Cybersalt today to arrange a free 30-minute consultation!