Video Tutorial Production

video tutorial creationNothing trains and educates your staff or customers to use your software more effectively than video tutorials. Here are 3 options to make this happen for your business or organization.

I Narrate

Beginning with a finished script (which you supply because you know your product best) I will supply you with a recorded narration which you can then play in a screen captured video which you make yourself.

Cost: $18 per finished minute based on 150 words per minute ($.12 per word)

I Narrate and Capture

I will make a narrated, screen captured video based on your finished script and according to the finish details (zooming screens at key points, annotations, etc.)

Cost: $50 per finished minute

I Narrate and Capture and Develop your Script

This is the most complex and therefore expensive option. To develop a script for a screen captured tutorial of your product I must first learn to use it, break that learning down into key teaching points and collaborate with you until there is an approved final version.

Cost: $50 per finished minute plus $90.00 per hour used collaborating with you and writing the script.

Extras To Consider

We are happy to quote individually on:

  • Stingers (opening and closing music)
  • Animated Title Openings
  • Post Video Credit Rolls

Please contact me for examples and let's talk about your project!