cPanel logoAfter having zero problems with the "letsencrypt-cpanel" service since installing it about a year ago, I awoke this morning to a ton of e-mails alerting me that The service “letsencrypt-cpanel” appears to be down.

The reason given was:

"Service check failed to complete Unable to connect to port 5959 on Connection refused: Died"

After Googling "Service check failed to complete Unable to connect to port 5959" I came across a thread on the Cpanel forum that suggested this problem was due to Let's Encrypt's servers being unreachable.

A check of Let's Encrypt's status page - - showed everything with them was up (though the page did say it had been last updated 13 days ago.)

Next I decided to log into my server and try to manually start the letsencrypt service using the command:

"service letsencrypt-cpanel restart".

This returned the message "Unable to start, see /var/log/letsencrypt-cpanel.log"

Upon checking that log I noted a series of the following messages:

level=fatal msg="Your trial licence has expired. You will need to purchase one from"

I followed the link and paid the US$30 for a one year license for one server.

I don't mind paying for the plugin as it's a simple tool that saves me more time trying to track down and then maintain a freer method or tool, but the hour it took me to sort all this out surely added to the cost to me in my time and frustration so hopefully this is a help to someone else!