Tired of maintaining your own Joomla site(s)? Take advantage of our Monthly Joomla Website Management package and let us do it for you!

Here's what you will get:

Version Monitoring

We will monitor your website for any and all available updates and install them when it's the right time. What do we mean by the right time?

The vast majority of time, the latest and greatest releases that come out are fine to install right away, but sometimes an issue slips by developers and testers and it breaks something when it hits wider distribution. We monitor the pulse of Joomla news and if we learn of such a situation we will wait until we know it's safe to update that particular extension.


Uptime Monitoring

We monitor the uptime of every Joomla site we manage. If your hosting is down we get an email notifying us and we look into it. If you wish, we can have a copy of that notification sent to you to keep you in the loop too!

Weekly Audits

We are big fans of mySites.guru and use it to run a weekly audit of your website. The results of those audits allow us to see where your Joomla site is running efficiently and where components can be improved. In the case of the latter, we will make recommendations to you - or even fix the little things ourselves.

By far, our favourite weekly audit feature is the test for hacked files. If your site gets hacked, we are alerted right away and will let you know right away so we can discuss a plan to slam the door on hackers!

Regular Off-Server Backups

In addition to our daily off-server backups, we will install Akeeba Backup Pro on your website and schedule it to run at a frequency that makes sense for your particular website. Backups are transferred to a cloud storage solution to which you have access (ie: DropBox, OneDrive, Gdrive, etc). From that point forward, if an Akeeba Backup process fails to complete, we'll be notified and look into why that happened and if any action needs to be taken.

Access to Pro Extensions

Many of the extensions and plugins running your Joomla website require users to purchase support memberships to access the latest versions. Our clients benefit from the memberships and licenses we have to the pro version of many of the most popular Joomla extensions. We have the license; our clients have access to the extensions!

For a list of the current pro extensions we use, click here.

Joomla Training Cohort

There are many ways to do Joomla! In Cybersalt's Joomla Training Cohort you'll learn how to do Joomla the way we do it. Of course, we're happy to be paid to work on your site when and where you don't want to, but through the JTC you have the opportunity to learn how to develop your website to the full degree that you would like to yourself.

This monthly management package is only US$99 per month.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or any custom management needs you would like to discuss.

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